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"The Open Media Park will merge the boundaries between entertainment and wellness, between content creators and spectator, between local cultural heritage and positive future visions"

About us

Over the last 30 years, the Guerreschi family founded the Formello Industrial Zone in Rome, Italy, developed over 55,000 sqm GBA of office and logistics real-estate there, directly leading their design, financing, construction on on owned land, and their commercialization. . 

Tecnoconsult International Srl (“TI”) is a single-purpose company established in 2001, to develop an a owned 120.000 sqm lot adjacent to to such Industrial Zone – that are the object of a public and private initiative to build the Open Media Park project. See the lot and context on Google Maps.

Today, the Formello Industrial Zone includes 400.000 sqm of mixed use spaces, including 7 TV production studios, facilities of stocking and production of costumes for TV, movie and theatre accounting for 75% of costumes stocked and produced in Italy, and the main facility of Pompei, the global leader in show biz shoes, with over 1 million of shoes stocked. 

Formello Industrial Zone and Open Media Park area

The Open Media Park

The Open Media Park is a project to realize a mixed-use real-estate complex of 47,000 sqm GBA over a 120,000 sqm lot, in a key location in Rome, Italy.

Nested on a marvelous lot, among rolling hills, centennial oaks and ancient Etruscan aqueducts – the Open Media Park will comprise a leading-edge live entertainment complex, an aquatic theme park, a holistic 4-star hotel and wellness, a small live TV and entertainment production hub, a boutique retail outlet – and 2 large commercial and logistics facilities.

Adjacent to an existing Business Park and a main highway, it is only 6 minutes drive from Rome ring road, and 25 minutes from Rome’s international airport. Located in the richest municipality of all South and Central Italy, and 1 Km away from Olgiata golf course, chosen twice as the location of the Golf World Cup.

Given its unique location and industrial plan, the City of Rome and the Region of Lazio selected the Park lot as the location of the future of media and entertainment in Rome. They designated it via detailed Memorandum of Understanding, in 2010 and then again in 2015, as the European Centre for Live Entertainment and Communications – together with 4 other adjacent much smaller lots –  formally committing to extensive public support in EU public funds and infrastructures..


Concept & Context


As of September 2019, we have started selecting investors and additional tenants for the foreseen functions interested in entering in  letters of interest or binding agreements.

We are as well starting to engage prospective investors and fitting real estate developers suitable to join us.

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